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Every week or so I feature a product, service or business that I personally like and that can possibly help you in your fat burning/fat loss, health and fitness goals. Today in "Coach Rollie Likes....." I'm featuring pistachio nuts.

I personally like the taste of pistachio nuts, but besides the taste, they are a healthy snack that can help your fat burning/fat loss, health and fitness goals. Nuts in general contain EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) otherwise known as heart healthy fats. These fats are the unsaturated variety that tend to be hard to come by and low in most peoples diets. This type of fat has many health benefits, they're anti-inflammatory, they help prevent hearth disease, and they can help skin just to name a few. But let's get back to how they can help you in your fat burning and fat loss goals.

I'm a big fan of eating shelled nuts because it will slow you down a bit when you eat. It also keeps your hands busy so you're not just stuffing yourself with excess food. And because foods containing fat, good fat(EFA's) and even bad, are more satiating then foods high in carbs, you won't feel hungry as fast afterward, also helping to keep you from overeating. I usually eat the salted variety, but if you have issues with salt, you can choose unsalted.

If you know of a product, service or business that you think I might like and can help others in their fat burning/fat loss, health and fitness goals, feel free to e-mail me with that information. I'll check it out, and possible feature it on "Coach Rollie Likes......".

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