Bust a Fat Burning Plateau - 4 Tips to a Beach Body

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Summer is the time people really want to focus on that so called "beach body".  Right now is the perfect time to start tightening things up for Summer. If you've been getting results but have approached or are approaching a plateau,  here are four of my professional secret tips that will help you blast through it!  I use these 4 tips personally all the time to crank up my fat burning abilities and lean down quickly. I also teach them to my clients so they can achieve the best results possible. 

Let's get into these tips so you can shed excess body fat and reveal the underlying muscle tone.  These fat burning tips will get you on your way to achieving your best beach body ever this Summer! 

Plateau Busting Workout Finisher - Burpee Lunge 101

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One great thing about the human body is that it is highly capable of adapting to stress.  Exercise is a type of stress and your body will adapt to it. Whatever workout program you're doing, at some point, your body will adapt and results will plateau. 

 Luckily, if you've found a workout method that works for you, a small change, or small addition can fire up results once again. It's like adding kindling to a dying campfire.   

A quick and easy addition to a workout that can fire up results is a "workout finisher".  The great thing about "finishers" is they can be relatively short, but can do a lot to kick start your results.  

They can focus on a weakness, a sports specific drill, or just a body part you want to add some extra attention to.  

One of my favorite finishers is the "Burpee Lunge 101" finisher.  It's great for legs, gluteal muscles (often referred to as glutes), and upper body pushing muscles.  Your abs will also get in some work. 

In this video I go over the finisher.  Give it a try.  

7 Easy Yet Powerful Fat Burning Tips

Developing good habits is essential in achieving success in whatever goal it is that you might have.  If you're reading Fat X 101, most likely, your goal is to become more fit and to lose body fat by increasing your body's fat burning capabilities.  

In this post, I will go over 7 easy yet powerful tips that can easily be turned into powerful habits that will help you achieve your fat loss and fitness goals.  

Start by working on taking these tips and turning them into daily habits and watch the body fat roll off! 

2 Keys to Succeed in Fitness and Fat Loss in 2022

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Have you hit a plateau on your fitness and fat loss journey?  Well, if you're reading this, you’re in luck.  In this post I will reveal two of my keys to succeed on a fitness and fat loss (fat burning) journey.  

These keys will help you unlock your full fitness potential. If implemented properly, you will soon be on your way to achieving the body and fitness capabilities you desire.  I know this because these keys have been an integral part in helping me, and in helping many of my clients both online and offline.  

These keys are simple and easy to implement once you understand the mechanisms behind how they work.  So, with that intro out of the way, let's get to key number one.