Simple Fat Burning Mind Hack to Improve Results

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What if I told you that a 6 letter word is the powerful mind hack you need to blast through a fat loss and or fitness plateau?  Would you believe me?  Well, probably not.  Everyone and their mom is claiming to have fitness secrets that will improve results.  The truth is, this "mind hack" is not really a secret. It's a very well researched and proven method that can help you achieve your fat burning, fitness, and for that matter, many other goals in your life.  In this post, I’ll go over that simple 6 letter word.  If you find it helpful, fee free to share.  As they say, “sharing is caring”.  And, that’s why I’m sharing this with you.  For me to succeed, I need you to do the same.  Let’s get into this.  

Secret Fat Burning Super Food

Secret Fat Burning Food
Some of the greatest discoveries in the world have come from someone falling ass backwards into them. Take viagra for example. It was originally meant as a treatment for angina. But boom! It gave dudes hard ons and it saved the sex lives of millions!  There's many more examples of accidental discoveries, but let me get into my personal super food discovery. 

I'm always experimenting with food and food combinations in an effort to find great tasting meals to assist in better and faster fat loss. Part of my  Fat X Diet  philosophy is about finding not only foods that work, but foods that are practical and easy to implement into my meals.  Have you heard of the alligator pear? 

Maximize Fat Burning With this Easy Workout Method

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Time is our most valuable commodity. Yet, when I see most people exercising, I see them wasting time. If you're a busy person as I am, you don't want to waste time, you want to maximize it!  In this article I'll post some short videos showing you a proven method to maximize your time so that you get better results faster! Maximizing time is an important component in my Coach Rollie (Fat X 101) Method.

6 Fat Burning Quick Tips - Coach Rollie Refresher

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I received an e-mail with a request from a reader. Her and her husband are desperate to lose weight (fat loss). She found Fat X 101 as she was searching for a personal trainer in Pasadena. She complimented me on all the straight forward information on fat burning, exercise, workouts and diet, but she also said she was lost in all the info. 

 She requested a quick fat burning tips recap.  The e-mail made me realize that I have written over 400 posts/articles and it brought to my attention that someone new can easily get lost.  

Use This Old School Method to Burn More Fat

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Are you stuck on your fat loss journey?  Is your belly or waist size not moving downward? In this article I’m going to go over an old school method that will help crank up your fat burning efforts! It’s an easy to learn method, and even better, it’s easy to implement.  It’s very simple, but don’t take the simplicity for granted. While it’s simple, it’s highly powerful! I’ve personally used it to break plateaus, and I’ve used it with my private clients as well.  Let’s get into this method so that if you’ve hit a plateau, or you just want to crank up your fat burning efforts, you can start experimenting with it today.

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