Maximize Fat Burning With this Easy Workout Method

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Time is our most valuable commodity. Yet, when I see most people exercising, I see them wasting time. If you're a busy person as I am, you don't want to waste time, you want to maximize it!  In this article I'll post some short videos showing you a proven method to maximize your time so that you get better results faster! Maximizing time is an important component in my Coach Rollie (Fat X 101) Method.

6 Fat Burning Quick Tips - Coach Rollie Refresher

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I received an e-mail with a request from a reader. Her and her husband are desperate to lose weight (fat loss). She found Fat X 101 as she was searching for a personal trainer in Pasadena. She complimented me on all the straight forward information on fat burning, exercise, workouts and diet, but she also said she was lost in all the info. 

 She requested a quick fat burning tips recap.  The e-mail made me realize that I have written over 400 posts/articles and it brought to my attention that someone new can easily get lost.  

Use This Old School Method to Burn More Fat

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Are you stuck on your fat loss journey?  Is your belly or waist size not moving downward? In this article I’m going to go over an old school method that will help crank up your fat burning efforts! It’s an easy to learn method, and even better, it’s easy to implement.  It’s very simple, but don’t take the simplicity for granted. While it’s simple, it’s highly powerful! I’ve personally used it to break plateaus, and I’ve used it with my private clients as well.  Let’s get into this method so that if you’ve hit a plateau, or you just want to crank up your fat burning efforts, you can start experimenting with it today.

Basics of Workout Routines: Good, Bad and ROI

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When it comes to workout routines, there are plenty of them.  You can find them both offline and online.  With so many of them out there, it's hard to choose.  It becomes even more difficult to choose a workout routine because of the slick marketing and the continuous perpetuation of myths and misconceptions by the fitness industry which tends to place profit over truth.  In this post, I will help show you how to separate the good workout routines from the bad and why ROI is important. (Some fitness companies are not going to be happy with me.)

Top 5 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight - Change and Improve Your Results in 2019

Over the years I've worked with several clients that have come to me with the goal of losing weight (fat loss).  Usually it's because they've been trying a lot of things that haven't worked and so they come to me with the question: "Why am I not losing weight?" 

When looking into the diet and workout routines of those new clients, a few things become glaringly evident as to why they are not losing weight, or why they are not losing as much weight as they believe they should be losing. 

 After correcting those issues, their weight loss goals easily get on track and the body fat begins to come off.  

Here are the top reasons why you may not be losing weight (body fat).  Correct these issues and you will come closer to achieving your weight loss/fat loss goals.

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