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Abs Tips - The Reverse Crunch Secrets for Best Results

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When I was in middle school, I was taking Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate in Pasadena.  While I was there, one of the instructors chose me to be part of a demonstration and competition team that would be competing at the Long Beach International Karate Championships. I was a kid back then and barely learning how to exercise properly. Long story short, one night I saw one of my teammates exercising.  He was doing an exercise I had never seen before.  It was the Reverse Crunch.

The Reverse Crunch became one of the exercises that really began to revolutionize my understanding of training abs.  Done properly, the Reverse Crunch can can do wonders for your abs.  

How to Squat Properly for Better Results and Healthy Knees

The Squat should be in everyone's fitness tool box. Are you doing it? Are you doing it properly?  If you're not doing it properly, you might be setting up your knees for injury.  If you're not doing it at all, you're missing out on the benefits of it.  

Done right, the Squat can do wonders for your strength, athletic ability and for the aesthetics of your body. 

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