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Minimal Equipment Fat Burning Workout | Slam and Spin

The “Slam and Spin” Fat X 101 workout is another of my easy yet highly effective exercise set ups. It will help fire up your metabolic processes and help you burn body fat fast. The beauty of this fat burning workout is that it requires very little fitness equipment and very little space.    The concept is simple, but, the research behind the method is dense and proves the effectiveness.   It’s basically a twist on the powerful and effective HIIT (high intensity interval training) method. Check out the video workout demo. Below the video, I’ll go into some useful tips and tricks for the exercises and the workout. The Ball Slam (sand bag slam) is one of my favorite full body, multi-joint exercises.   It’s easy to learn, and, you can either purchase a Slam Ball (or equivalent) or make one.   Making one is easy. Get a sandbag, fill it to between 10-20 lbs. You can double bag it with trash bags. I’ve found electrical tape, or PVC tape works well to wrap it in and secure it.   The Ball Sl

Easy Way To Get a Tough Workout Started

Just do it!   Gotta love Nike!   They have one of the most memorable slogans in history.   Unfortunately, when a tough workout is on the agenda, contrary to popular belief, I just don’t want to do it.    Luckily, I do have discipline in my arsenal and a few little tricks to get started.   Starting is the key!   If you're like me, and have trouble starting a tough workout, any workout, or just simply starting anything, I hope this video helps.  Check back in as I have a few variations of the "rocking chair" I'll be uploading soon.  

Plateau Busting Workout Finisher - Burpee Lunge 101

One great thing about the human body is that it is highly capable of adapting to stress.  Exercise is a type of stress and your body will adapt to it. Whatever workout program you're doing, at some point, your body will adapt and results will plateau.   Luckily, if you've found a workout method that works for you, a small change, or small addition can fire up results once again. It's like adding kindling to a dying campfire.    A quick and easy addition to a workout that can fire up results is a "workout finisher".  The great thing about "finishers" is they can be relatively short, but can do a lot to kick start your results.   They can focus on a weakness, a sports specific drill, or just a body part you want to add some extra attention to.   One of my favorite finishers is the "Burpee Lunge 101" finisher.  It's great for legs, gluteal muscles (often referred to as glutes), and upper body pushing muscles.  Your abs will also get in some wo

7 Easy Yet Powerful Fat Burning Tips

Developing good habits is essential in achieving success in whatever goal it is that you might have.  If you're reading Fat X 101, most likely, your goal is to become more fit and to lose body fat by increasing your body's fat burning capabilities.   In this post, I will go over 7 easy yet powerful tips that can easily be turned into powerful habits that will help you achieve your fat loss and fitness goals.   Start by working on taking these tips and turning them into daily habits and watch the body fat roll off! 

2 Keys to Succeed in Fitness and Fat Loss in 2022

Have you hit a plateau on your fitness and fat loss journey?  Well, if you're reading this, you’re in luck.  In this post I will reveal two of my keys to succeed on a fitness and fat loss (fat burning) journey.   These keys will help you unlock your full fitness potential. If implemented properly, you will soon be on your way to achieving the body and fitness capabilities you desire.  I know this because these keys have been an integral part in helping me, and in helping many of my clients both online and offline.   These keys are simple and easy to implement once you understand the mechanisms behind how they work.  So, with that intro out of the way, let's get to key number one. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight - Change and Improve Your Results in 2022

Over the years I've worked with several clients that have come to me with the goal of losing weight (fat loss).  Usually it's because they've been trying a lot of things that haven't worked and so they come to me with the question: "Why am I not losing weight?"  When looking into their diet and workout routines of those new clients, a few things become glaringly evident as to why they are not losing weight, or why they are not losing as much weight as they believe they should be losing.   After correcting those issues, their weight loss (fat loss) goals easily get on track and the body fat and inches begins to come off.   Here are the top reasons why you may not be losing weight (body fat).  Correct these issues and you will come closer to achieving your weight loss/fat loss goals.

12 Easy Tips to Burn Fat Fast for a Great Summer Body

Summer is here and it means more time at the pool, beach and or other places with less clothes on and more body showing.    Let’s face it! We all want to look our best!  When the heat cranks up, we can’t hide behind clothes.   Are you afraid of looking flabby?   Good!   Fear is a great motivator.   Let’s get un-flabby and look our best this Summer!   Here are 12 easy tips that will help you burn fat fast so that you can show off a great Summer body this year and feel amazing.   Easy Tip #1 Consume green leafy vegetables every day.   They’re high in nutrients and low in calories.   That’s a great combinations when you’re trying to lose fat fast.   They also add fiber and volume to your meals which help you feel full.   Spinach is my personal favorite followed by kale.   Other great choices are, arugula, collard greens, Swiss chard and mustard greens.   Think of your metabolism as an engine, put good fuel in it so that it runs optimally! If you can't get in you

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