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Fitness Equipment and Your Workout

Most people spend waaaay too much money on fitness equipment. Most pieces of fancy cardio equipment are unnecessary. They contain bells and whistles that you can easily do without. As a matter of fact cardio machines are meant to do one thing, and we must remember that. They are meant to elevate your heart rate. There are cheaper ways to get that done. You can actually do that for free with, jumping jacks, jumping rope, running in place and other body weight exercises. But if you want a piece of cardio equipment in your fitness room I would suggest something really simple and inexpensive like a stationary bike or an elliptical machine.

If you’re a beginner I would start with a dumbbell set, the lighter weight sets are inexpensive an extremely versatile when it comes to doing different exercises. I usually have my beginner clients use dumbbells exclusively. If you’ve seen the video with my female client, the total price of the equipment I had her use I would estimate was under $500.

In order of importance this is what I would purchase if I was a beginner and was setting up a fitness room.

Dumbbell set
Work out bench
Safety cage
Barbell and barbell plates
Cardio equipment

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