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Top 3 Tips for Rapid Weight Loss

I use these tips when one of my clients wants to speed up results. They might seem a little extreme, but they definitely work to get the fat off sooner. By the way I'm hoping to have the day by day training videos out soon.

#3 Pre-load Your Stomach

Drink a glass of water before your meal. Then eat your vegetables first. Drink another glass of water slowly and then proceed to the rest of your meal.

#2 Black Coffee Before Meals

Caffeine has been shown to be a metabolism enhancer as well as an appetite suppressant. Have it black an hour or so before your next meal.

#1 Eat Standing

Yeah I know it sounds crazy, but you'll actually burn a few extra calories if you stand. Multiply those few extra calories x 4-6 meals a day and hey, now you have something. It's also a bit uncomfortable so you'll be more likely to move on with the days activities once your satisfied instead of sitting there eating and eating.

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