Friday's meal plan

Today is going to be interesting because I'm going to be on the road for a few hours. This means I'm going to have to find a place to eat. I'm planning on eating some kind of chicken salad. Hopefully this works out because I committed myself to posting and updated picture. The picture you see on the right was taken last Friday, so we're going to see if I was able to make up for this weekends diet disaster. Wish me luck! Here's the meal plan for today. I've already had meal 1.

Meal 1: Pre-loaded with a handful of broccoli, then had ham and egg (1 egg with chopped up ham), and a peach.
Meal 2: Protein drink with a handful of nuts
Meal 3: Chicken salad from a restaurant
Meal 4: Fish with steamed vegetables
Meal 5: This will be post pictures so I'm going to leave it open.