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Improve Your Fitness Level, Weight Loss Will Come

Getting fit to lose fat weight is an easy concept, but few understand it. The most successful way to lose fat weight and keep if off, is to get fit. You should also continue to strive to improve your fitness level. The mistake that most make is that they try to lose weight and then if they get fit, well that’s a bonus. That’s why most fail long term in their weight loss goals. The proper way and the way that will give you long term success is to get fit and as a side effect, the fat will come off and your weight will come down. Better yet, you will look and feel good, so whatever the scale reads won’t really matter. What will matter is that you will look better in and out of clothes.

In order to insure that you fitness level is improving, keep stats on what you’re doing while exercising (reps, rest period, weight). That way you have a goal to beat when you do that workout again. A common problem I come across is with individuals that stop losing fat weight after a few weeks of working out. When I look into their program, it’s usually because they’ve been doing the same exact workout over and over stressing the body in the same way. The reason they are no longer losing body fat is because their body has adapted, so it actually burns less calories during the workout, it stops building lean body tissue (muscle), and therefore doesn’t stimulate the metabolism as when it was first introduced to that workout routine. Basically, their fitness level isn’t improving so their weight or fat isn’t coming off. The fix is to take stats, and try to improve them each in every workout, thereby increasing their fitness level

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