Infomercials and Abs Part 1

Want to lose that gut? With only 2 minutes a day? Stop doing endless crunches, leg lifts and other useless exercises. Use the brand new, scientifically designed, German engineered, Italian styled, U.S. made, anatomically perfected by humans for humans, the new and most talked about ab exercise device in this Universe and all other Universes, the Abdosizierrrr!!!. Get a six pack now with only 2 minutes a day, if you want an 8 pack, no problem, just add an easy 30 seconds more! Order in the next 90 seconds and it's only 3 payments of $39.99. What a steal! Regular price is $2,000 dollars.

The example above is obviously exaggerated and full of bull shit, but it's pretty close to what I see on the infomercials. So I'm gonna go ahead and save you money. All ab exercise devices, and or machines will not do what the infomercials imply they will do. There is no such thing as spot reduction. You can not reduce fat from only one area in your body. What you can do, is reduce your overall body fat % and fat will eventually come off of those areas that serve as storage sites.

There are three ways you can reduce your body fat% and lose weight effectively. I'll list those in part two.