Informercials and Abs Part 2

In part one I discussed how infomercials tend to imply their product will do certain things that are impossible, or at least incapable of delivering solely by using that product. Next time you watch one of those infomercials or you are just shopping for fitness products, keep these three methods of lowering your fat percentage in mind. And ask yourself how that product will help. It's a sure way to save you money and make good fitness product purchases.

Three ways to lower your body fat percentage
  • Exercise
This is probably the most obvious. You're body burns calories while moving. Move it faster or use it to move resistance and you will burn more calories. This leads me to the second way to burn fat. Use that exercise to build lean body tissue.
  • Add lean body Tissue
Other wise known as muscle. Muscle burns calories to survive, the more muscle you have, the more calories will be burned. By the way, you need muscle to have a toned look, because tone is basically muscle showing through a minimal amount of fat.
  • Use Your Diet
Every time you eat, your body burns calories in order to digest that food. If you eat multiple small meals a day, you will be kicking up your metabolism each time. You can also include ingredients that have been shown to help your body burn extra calories such as caffeine and green tea.