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My Diet Fix After Picture

Here is the updated picture as promised. I hope it serves as motivation for those of you that have bee dieting but just had a slip up. Don't give up, jump right back on your diet and keep going. A bad day will not ruin your long term goals unless you give up. Good Luck!


Stephanie said...

Wow - I can see a definite change in you! Amazing! I must say I thought I was in pretty good shape running my mile or 2 4 days a week. After doing your workouts...I realize JUST how wrong I was! Even though every muscle in my body is screaming at me...I press through and have completed day 4. My question is, once I have finished day 12 as far as the workouts, do I begin again at Day 1 and continue cycling through that way?

Fat X said...

Once you finish the program, you can cycle through it again. Now you will have numbers that you can challenge yourself to beat. You can also schedule in rest days between workouts as needed, so you don't over train.

se said...

after day 3 and day 4 my back is ACHING!! is this cause i worked the muscles doing the burpees and dumbells lifts or is it cause i did them wrong?!

Fat X said...

The pull ups or pull downs from day 3 target your upper back, so it could be sore from that. The dumbbell swing really works your lower back muscles so they could be sore from that. Make sure that you stretch after you finish. Also when my lower back aches I lay on an ice pack for 20 minutes a few times a day and stretch, that usually takes care of it.

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