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My Weekend Diet Disaster

We've all had them, and usually they start the same way. You plan a cheat meal, and it turns into a cheat weekend. After I finished the last video and took pictures, I had a "diet break" planned. Saturday evening I was going to go to my friends BBQ and not worry about calories or my diet.

That Morning I stopped by my mom's house and whoa, a big box of donuts was on the table. Somehow one ended up in my hand, and well somehow it got eaten. In my mind it was OK because I was on a diet break, but ooops, my diet break wasn't supposed to start until that evening. That evening went as planned, I ate a big plate, had a beer or five, I really wasn't counting and I went home.

The plan was to go back on the Fat X diet Sunday morning. Well, that was the plan. Unfortunately I didn't plan my meals well or actually at all. I went to play a baseball game and because I hadn't eaten a good breakfast, when we were done I was starving. We stopped off at a pizza place and the diet went down hill fast. I had pizza, fried chicken, and some kind of potato thing.

That's all the bad news, the good news is that if this or something similar has happened to you, there is hope. I'll post my strategies to come out of this diet disaster starting tomorrow.

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