Thursday's Meal Plan

I feel that the weekend diet disaster is definitely behind me. I've gained some momentum and with the commitment to posting up new pictures this Friday I've stayed extremely motivated to stick to the diet. So here's my meal plan for today. Again I've already had meal 1.

Meal 1: Protein drink and a handful of nuts
Meal 2: Fish with a side of stir fry vegetables mix
Meal 3: Tuna salad with plenty of fresh broccoli, celery and tomato
Meal 4: Protein drink and a banana
Meal 5: Fresh broccoli, and celery with peanut butter

If today goes well, I'm treating myself to a steak and possible ice cream after I take pictures on Friday.


Sarah said...

what do you think about steamed ( and by steamed i mean frozen broccoli put in the microwave) with a bit of cheese whiz.. its so good.. or celery and cheese whiz... is that bad for ur diet??

Fat X said...

I prefer fresh vegetables, but anyway you can fit them in to your diet is great. If it takes a bit of cheese whiz for you to eat your vegetables that's OK, just make sure that it's withing your 5% splurge.

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