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Two Motivational Techniques for Weight Loss

One of the most common questions I get is about motivation. Some people want to lose weight, but they just aren’t motivated. They want to know how to get motivated. I have two personal favorite techniques, one is to take pictures and the other is to study up on the health implications of being overweight, a scared straight tactic.

The first method works because you might have an image in your mind of what you look like, but reality might be totally different. Back in October when I started the Fat X Project, I didn’t realize I was getting that out of shape. When I saw the pictures I knew I had to really focus, lose the gut and get in shape. Once you take that picture, post it some where you can see it everyday as a reminder of the body you are on the way to changing.

Now the scared straight tactic works because it’s reality and it can remind you of where you might be headed. There’s nothing scarier then knowing you might be fifty years old but yet look seventy or eighty, and worse a sick and brittle seventy or eighty. On the other hand, wouldn’t you like to be fifty, yet be confused with someone about 35 or less? Remember fit people feel better, look better, and are generally healthier and

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