Fat Burning Workout Program Day 10

Today's fat burning workout consists of mostly lower body exercises. This is because tomorrow's workout will be mostly upper body exercises and then the final fat burning workout will be a total body workout. Doing it this way insures that you get the most out of the exercise routine and will insure a good amount of fat loss or weight loss at the end. Enjoy the free fat burning workout video.

Fat X Program Workout 10 Day 10 by Fatxproject 



Heat said...

That was hard...I hate the Burpees :)
And i had to make the whole training till now with two 6kg weights. Because I just got these two weights.
I hope it doesn't matters?!

Two more days and I'm done...
I'm going to look what's up with tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

daang!! this workout hit me pretty hard in my legs!!! im hella sore now but dude this is a great workout video!! keep up the good work coach!

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