Fat Burning Workout Program Day 7

With the first half of the Fat X 12 fat burning program behind you, now it's time to start stepping it up a bit. The full squat press will be the primary exercise in this workout routine. This exercise is so good, that it can actually serve as a stand alone in a fat burning workout. We're making the workout an even better fat burning workout by resting in a plank position to work your core while you rest from the full squat press exercise.  Here's the free workout  video..

Fat X Program Workout 7 Day 7 by Fatxproject


philquezada said...

It's day six and I'm feeling a lot better.I have a question. what's your take on the green tea pills?

Coach Rollie (FX) said...

Green tea has been shown to boost metabolism. I've written on it before. Do a search for green tea.

Ryan Z said...

Hey Coach,

I love this program, but I had a small concern: I don't have access to gym equiptment, so I can't use weights that I cn max out at. I only have a pair of 6 lb weights that aren't doing to much. What do you suggest I do? Keep in mind, I'm also broke. lol


John said...

The manual says I should only do 8 reps on the Roman Chair Crunches. Is that incorrect?

Coach Rollie (FX) said...

John, I forgot to mention that there are small changes I made for the manual. Feel free to do the workouts in the form you prefer.

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