Get Fit and Burn Fat Fast for Summer with the 12 Day Fat X Program

Equipment alternatives for your Fat Loss Routine

A common problem that I have come across is people wanting to lose fat and do the Fat X program, but not having equipment or a gym membership. Water bottles are a great alternative to dumbbells. Especially for beginners, because as a beginner, you don't need a lot of weight or resistance to start working out and burning the fat. You can use water bottles to get started on your fat burning routine.

A gallon water bottle weighs about 9 lbs. You can also fill it with sand, coins or pebbles to make them heavier. Water bottles are also really inexpensive. I picked these up for under a buck each.

There is one thing you have to look for if you decide to buy water bottles to use as dumbbells. Make sure that the tops are the screw on variety and not the ones that just flip off. The screw on caps will be more secure and you will avoid spills.


Joe H. said...

I basically have access to most of the equipment but the one thing that's driving me nuts is that bag you slam into the ground. What alternative should I get for that?

Coach Rollie (FX) said...

You can use a medicine ball or substitute the exercise with another full body exercise such as squat presses.

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