Flat Belly Diet

The Flat Belly Diet has been talked about a lot recently, so I decided to take a look into it and give you my opinion.

The Flat Belly Diet was developed based on research done in Spain. The developers though, seemed to have taken some of the research and twisted it into another diet gimmick. The researchers clearly state that weight and body fat percentage were unchanged as a result of all three diet interventions used in the study. Apparently this didn't keep the developers of the Flat Belly Diet to run with their assertion that certain food combinations would help flatten the belly.

If you look into it, it seems that the diet is really just another way of limiting your caloric intake. This is nothing new. So before going out and spending money on this diet. Try the Fat X diet , it's free and healthy.

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Anonymous said...

lol yeah i know... this is why i love your site, because you are helpful to people instead of twisting our arms for cash... i am a college student, unemployed.. i did football in high school, but i began gaining weight after.. i tried to get back into shape but it's harder because my life doesn't revolve around sports. the help that i am getting here not only gives me work outs but it gives me an idea of how to change my nutrition.. thanks man!! a lot of us owe you a lot since you are motivating and helping us look good and live healthier!

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