Healthy Lunch Ideas

A common request I get is to provide healthy lunch ideas or meals. So this week I decided to log everything I had for lunch beginning Monday and ending Today. Hopefully this will help you plan your lunches and help you stay on track with the Fat X program.


I usually try to get off to a good start on Mondays. This Monday I had white tuna and 10 whole wheat crackers with a diet coke. The tuna was prepared with a bit of low fat mayo and lemon. I used it like a dip while I ate the crackers.


I was on the road for a while and instead of waiting to get home I stopped off at Subway and got a six inch chicken sandwich, no mayo, and a diet coke.


While I was waiting on a client I decided to experiment with a salad. So I made myself a fat free ham and egg white salad. Plenty of cucumber and broccoli. I washed it down with a diet Snapple.


I had a protein smoothie just like the one on my video and a handful of mixed nuts.


I stuck to the Fat X diet protocol the whole week perfectly, so I decided to reward myself with a cheeseburger. I skipped the fries and I was sipping on diet Rockstar while my burger was ready.

So that was it, my lunches for the week. Like always, feel free to comment.


Felecia said...

I want a weight loss of atleast 5 pounds within a month.... hope your healthy lunch ideas will help me to achieve my target.

Fat X said...

5 lbs in a month is very doable. Even if you don't do the 12 workouts in a row.

Boredmp said...

I am confused, i thought in your program there was no allowance for bread. So the first 2 days i did not eat bread and used that 5% for ice cream. At the end of day 2 i had to have bread and i did and i felt like i broke the diet and kind of am off track. Can you help me out?

Fat X said...

You're OK, don't panic. Just use your 5% splurge for bread. I use about one loaf of bread every couple of weeks.

xquizitextina said...

i dont eat much fish (mainly tuna from the can..IN WATER!) and i dont eat red meat at all...
is tuna, chicken breast and turkey sufficient enough for protein or should i incorporate a protein shake? i drink a soy protein shake there a different type of protein shake i should be drinking? by the way..thank you SO MUCH for this! your work is greatly appreciated and i cant wait to start seeing results!

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