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I Lost My Gut

I received an email this morning that made my day. I found it funny and thought it would be motivating, so I decided to post it. Here it is:

I’m really mad at you. You owe me a whole new wardrobe. I tried your program and now my old clothes are way to big. I lost my gut and now I have to go buy a whole new set of jeans two sizes smaller. Who do I contact ?? LOL J/K. Thanks a bunch for putting up this program and taking the time to post all the tips. I did the first two days and then was so beat that I felt like giving up, but I took your advice, took a day off and continued. I ended up finishing the program in 20 days because I needed to take other days off also, but wow, I’m so happy with the results. The gut I was developing is gone. By the way I downloaded a couple of the workout worksheets and they’re excellent. Thanks for making them so simple to follow. My husband is also very happy and said he owes you drinks and a steak dinner. So if you’re ever in Jersey, send an email and dinner is on us. Make sure you’re on a diet break so we can really feed you. LOL. Thanks again and keep up the good work. A Fat X fan, Kimberly 

 Thanks for the email and the invite Kimberly. I’ll definitely take you up on that. I’m glad you stuck to the program and lost your “gut”. Make sure to keep that gut off though. You now have the numbers on the worksheets to keep you challenged as you continue with your fitness plan. Maintaining your weight should be a lot easier. You can stretch those 12 workouts over a longer period and I’m sure that gut won’t return. Good luck with your new fitness lifestyle and feel free to ask any questions. Oh and this is one tip I give all my clients once they lose weight or drop a few sizes. DON’T EVER BUY BIGGER CLOTHES AND DONATE YOUR OLD ONES.
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