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A little Inspiration

Sometimes it's difficult as a fitness coach to get people motivated. I've had clients that whine and complain, they don't want to sweat, they don't want to lift heavy, this that and the other. Sometimes though, I get someone that is so motivated to get fit, and get healthy that it's inspirational and a fitness coach's dream. Yesterday I received a message through myspace. I was going to put it in my Thurdsay Fitness and Weight Loss Q& A, but I thought it was deserving of it's own post because of it's inspiritional nature. Here's the message I was sent (he was OK with me posting it) and my response to it.

Wow, your tips really are great. See, the thing is I don't have the use of my lower body. I can't walk or anything like that. I need a routine that works upper body exclusively, but that will still improve my strength at a good pace without hurting me in the long run. If you could help develop a routine for me, I'd really appreciate it.
I can do the following (and maybe more that I don't know about)

Incline Bench
Push Ups
Pull Ups
Arm Curl
Tricep Pullover
Shoulder Press

Like I said, there's probably more that I'm forgetting. Stomach exercises would be a great help 'cause it's really difficult for me to do crunches or sit ups.

Thank you for your help,

I'll be out of town on business this weekend, but like I told you on myspace, I will definitely work on something for you. I found your message inspirational because of the "can do" attitude. A lot of times when someone seeks my help, the first thing they do is give me a long list of things they can't do. I really like the fact you gave me a list of things you can do. This is the right mental approach not only to fitness and weight loss, but life. I hope everyone that reads this can take some of that "can do" attitude away with them.

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