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Mistakes On a Weight Loss and Fat Burning Routine

I went to a 24 hr Fitness to get in a work out the other day and I made some observations on how people training could easily improve their weight loss and fat burning efforts. These are the three common mistakes I noticed and easy ways to fix them.

The most common mistake I saw was people training without having a water bottle handy. A small amount of dehydration can impair your ability to work out optimally. Obviously if your not working out to your full capability, you're going to miss out on calories you could have burned during the workout and post workout because of under stimulated muscles. Keep a water bottle handy and don't allow yourself to get dehydrated.

Another mistake I noticed was people working out without a plan and something to keep track on. Working out is good, but working out with a plan and something to track with is even better. You can keep track of what your doing, what you've done in the past, and what you need to do to improve. These are all important to make sure you are getting the most out of your time working out. Make sure you have a plan and also take a notebook with you. You can download the Fat X program worksheets if you're a beginner to show you a good way to keep track.

The third thing I noticed is people not keeping track of time. You should take a timer with you to keep track on rest periods and total time of your workout. These stats are important and are the motor that drive the Fat X exercise routine. Remember, if you're an average person with a regular job, you can't spend all day at the gym or working out, a timer keeps you on track and helps you get in and out of the gym without wasting time.

Hopefully these easy tips help, and like always feel free to comment or ask questions.

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