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Preparing for a Diet Break

I'll be heading out to the Dodger game later on today and so I'm planning out my meals and diet now. This way I can just relax at the game, have a beer and a hot dog (dodger dog) later without worrying about dieting. So here's the plan. I've already had meal 1.

Meal 1: 5 egg whites, 2 whole egg
1 piece of Toast
4 cherry tomatoes

Meal 2: Protein smoothie:
Whey protein powder
Frozen Strawberries
lemon crystal light

Meal 3: Chicken breast Salad

After the third meal It will be time to leave for the game. Sticking to this diet plan for today will let me relax at the game and actually enjoy my food. If you have a weekend event planned you can do something similar so that you won't harm your weight loss goals too bad and so that sticking to a diet doesn't seem so difficult. Planning these diet breaks will help you succeed in your weight loss and fitness journey long term.

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