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Whole Eggs vs Egg Whites for Weight Loss

Eggs are one of the best protein sources you can use. The body breaks the protein found in eggs down easily and is able to use it effectively. Remember, protein is the building block of muscle, and muscle will speed up your metabolism. 

Eggs are also extremely versatile when it comes down to finding a way to put them in your diet. There's plenty of recipes and different ways to prepare eggs. Unfortunately, eggs have a downside. 

 They are extremely high in fat. An average egg has about 7 grams of protein, but also has 7 grams of fat. That means that just to have a decent amount of scrambled eggs would mean that the fat content for that meal would be well over 20 grams. 

 Not good if you're trying to lose fat weight. The good news is that the fat is found in the yolk, so you can take the yolk out and the fat is gone. 

 The problem is it also takes some of the protein along with it. One of the things that I've done in the past is use mostly egg whites and mix in a whole egg or two in my recipes. This works to cut out some of the fat, but I've always hated the fact that I'm paying for the whole egg, yet only using about half of it. 

 If you want to save some money and only use egg whites, there are some companies that only sell the egg white. One of these companies is Egg Whites International. Egg Whites International

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