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How To Lose Weight and Burn Fat After a Holiday Weekend Part 1

Holiday weekends can be tough on your waistline. But if you plan ahead, you can actually use it to your fat burning and weight loss advantage. I went to Arizona this weekend and for the most part, my diet consisted of cheeseburgers, fries and beer. It was definitely one of my Fat X diet breaks. 

While my diet this weekend wasn't exactly the epitome of nutrition, the fact I had planned for it helped my waistline not blow up. I prepared for this diet break by shifting the Fat X diet guidelines to 70/30 on Thursday and Friday, meaning 70 % vegetables and 30 % protein. 

 I skipped the splurge calories because obviously I was going to use those up during the weekend diet break. Now as I head into the week, I will go back to the 70/30 until Wednesday.

 Hopefully this will even everything out and keep any fat from building up on by body. The good thing about the diet break this weekend is that it really helped to give me a mental break by not having to prepare and plan out food intake for a couple of days.

 Now I feel rejuvenated and ready to go back to a healthy eating plan. I'm also hoping that the extra calories this weekend will have given a boost to my metabolism. I will post some updated pictures later this week so you can see if this plan worked. Hopefully this will help you plan out diet breaks in the future and help with your fat burning and weight loss long term goals.

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