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Meal Plan for Today

In my quest to keep the fat off after the cheeseburger, fries and beer diet I went on this weekend, I am posting my meal plan for today to help me stay on track. Hopefully it will also help you with some ideas on how you can get back on track after taking a diet break.

Meal 1: I'm actually sipping on a protein smoothie I made a few minutes ago

Meal 2: I will have some left over mixed vegetables and chicken from last night

Meal 3: This is going to be the tough one because I don't actually have the ingredients yet. I'm shooting for a tuna salad.

Meal 4: I'll be experimenting with tuna and celery sticks. I figure It will be easy since I'll just have some left overs from meal 3.

Meal 5: This one is also going to be tough since I'll probably be a little bored with it, but once again mixed vegetables and chicken.

Hopefully I'll have some time to take pictures and post either Wednesday or Thursday.

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