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Fat Burning, Weight Loss, Diet and Fitness Question of the Week

Every week I answer a question or questions that are sent in to me regarding fat burning, weight loss, diet, fitness and  or the Fat X program. Today's question was e-mailed to me and it was regarding dieting on a budget.

I'm a college student and eating healthy is really hard on my diet. Do you have any tips on how to eat healthy and while on a budget?

I can definitely understand your issue. I've been there and It can definitely be difficult. That's the bad news. The good news is that I do have a few tips to help you out. First, buy canned vegetables and frozen vegetables in bulk at a warehouse store like Costco. Fresh is best I know, but we're talking budget.  

You can also try growing your own vegetables.It's easier than most people think.

 Another tip is to buy frozen chicken breasts. They're a lot cheaper than fresh chicken breasts, and if you marinate them just right, they can taste delicious.

Protein sources will probably be the most problematic if you're on a budget. Investing in a protein powder can be very helpful. I usually get a 5 pound bucket and it lasts me about a month. I used to get the 10 pound bag from Optimum Nutrition, but I like the fact the 5 pound bucket is easier to keep sealed.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I want to help you succeed, because when you succeed, I succeed as a fitness coach. 

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