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A High Protein Low Calorie Diet Meal

I just realized I haven't talked about one of my favorite high protein low calorie meals.  I was first introduced to this meal by my brother a few years ago.  I'll be real honest, it sounds gross, or at least it sounded gross to me.  But like it usually goes, when you're really hungry you'll try just about anything.  So anyway, It's like a tuna sandwich, but you use canned chicken breast instead.  Yeah I know gross, keep reading.  Now instead of mayo, you use mustard instead, yeah I know gross.  Give it a try though, it's surprisingly good, high in protein and low in calories.

I usually get the canned chicken breast at Costco.  I'll open up a can and put the chicken breast in a bowl.  I'll add some mustard and mix in together.  Toast up some bread, and bang, you have your chicken breast sandwich.  If you have some extra time you can always add some tomato and lettuce.  I know you amateur chefs can probably spice it up even more.  As a matter of fact, send in some recipes if you can.  I'll post them and give you a big thanks.

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