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Low Calorie Fat Burning and Weight Loss Snack Idea

I try to make the last meal of the day a low calorie snack so as to keep off excess fat and weight gain. My go to snack is peanut butter and celery. Lately though, I’ve been trying to cut my calories a bit towards the end of the day because of some extra calories I’ve been sneaking in earlier in the day. So the last few nights I’ve been eating cucumber slices flavored with a bit of salt and lemon. I’m happy to report that it’s extremely filling and quite tasty. I’ve also noticed, without any other changes, that my belt needs to be tightened a bit more. Now this might just be a coincidence, but if you’re interested in lowering you calories with a tasty snack, add this to you diet and I’m sure it will help your weight loss and fat burning results.

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