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Stretching, Flexibility and Fitness

An often overlooked area in fitness is flexibility and stretching. While it is not necessary for the average person to be as flexible as a gymnast, it is important to have a good range of motion. A good amount of flexibility can prevent injuries and will help you stay on the road to achieving  your fitness and fat burning (fat loss) goal. Lower back pain is often caused by tight hamstrings and other leg muscles that can put unnecessary stress on your back. Shoulder and other major muscle injuries can also be prevented by keeping an appropriate range of motion by stretching properly. 

Here are two good free stretching videos from youtube that show you stretches you can implement after the Fat X fat burning workouts. Don't let injuries derail your fat burning (fat loss) and fitness goals.  Make sure you implement preventative measures such as stretching into your fitness program. 

If you're in the Los Angeles or Pasadena area, feel free to contact me for private fitness coaching a.k.a fitness training.  

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