Pork, Dieting, Health and Fitness

Pork is generally frowned upon when it comes to dieting, health and fitness, but I personally don't think it's as bad as it's made out to be. First of all you can get ham fat free or low in fat, and it usually contains a good amount of protein. Secondly, if you broil pork, you can limit some of the fat. Of course it's still not going to be as healthy as a fat free chicken breast when you're talking about protein sources, but I for one need a break from chicken every once in a while.

Today is the day I'm choosing to experiment with some pork chops. I'm going try to cut out some of the fat before I broil them, and then pat them down with a napkin afterward. Then I'm going to "health up" the meal by adding some steamed vegetables.

If you have some good recipes for pork, feel free to send them in.