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Thanksgiving Diet Tips

Let's face it, we aren't going to diet on Thanksgiving.  I'm actually an advocate of taking what I call "diet breaks" at certain strategic points.  

Holidays, vacations and other special days are just a few examples of when I feel it's a good time to take a diet break provided you have been working out and following a sensible healthy diet.
 While tomorrow is a good day to take a diet break, relax , enjoy your food and family, there are a few things you can do to stave off an excess amount of weight and fat gain.  
Here are a few tips you can follow to avoid excess weight/fat gain
  • Eat turkey breast (white meat) instead of dark meat.
  • Load your plate with greens and other vegetables.
  • Take your time when eating, don't just stuff yourself uncontrollably. 
  • Put a small amount of desert on your plate.  Let it settle in your belly before deciding on seconds.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I want to help you succeed, because when you succeed, I succeed as a fitness coach. 

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