Isotonix Product Review Part 2

I finished using the 30 day supply of the Isotonix product I was sent to review a couple of month ago.  I wanted to wait a while before I wrote the final review so as to see if I would notice I difference from when I was using it, and when I stopped.  I told the rep I would try it, but that I would give an unbiased review.  So after taking it for 30 days, and now being off of it for a couple of months, I can't say I noticed any a difference.  Unfortunately, while I do believe you should supplement with some type of anti-oxidant, I can't recommend Isotonix at this point because of it's price, and the lack of noticeable effects.


Anonymous said...

First - thank you for your honest, unbiased opinion of the product you tested. Too often, we do not hear how fitness experts truly feel about certain supplements. Your honest opinion just adds to your credibility!

Secondly – your site is now one of my favorites. I happened upon it through someone’s SparkPeople page earlier today. Keep up the awesome work!

Best - Cincinnati Native

Fat X said...

Thanks for your comments and checking out the blog. Unfortunately sparkspeople does not want their readers navigating away from, so they've erased my page on sparkspeople. Anyway, thanks again for your support. It really motivates me to continue posting tips and advise that will hopefully help people on their fitness, weight loss, and fat burning goals.

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