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Junk Food That's Not So Bad

As I was getting ready to watch play-off football today, I decided to go to the grocery store and pick up some snacks.  Normally I take a diet break at least one day during the weekend and try not to worry too much about what I eat.  But today was a little bit different.  

I wanted to start compiling a list of things that are normally considered junk food, but really aren't all that bad or at least not very high in calories.

As I was walking through the grocery store reading a few nutrition labels, a bag of cheese puffs grabbed my attention.  I picked up the bag and took a look at the nutritional label.  To my surprise, a serving only had 130 calories and only 4.5 grams of  fat (about 40 calories).  Usually servings tend to be small, but actually 30 cheese puffs were considered a serving. 

 Not bad!  It's a good amount to satisfy a craving of junk food, and not kill your diet.
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