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Low Calorie Dinner Idea for Weight Loss and Fat Burning

I had a really nice dinner this evening that also happened to be low calorie and high protein.  If your weight loss and fat burning efforts are stalling, and or you are getting a bit bored with your diet, this meal will be really helpful.  So what was it?  It was chicken breast fajita tacos.  The chicken was grilled with sliced up bell peppers, and I had that wrapped up in a corn couple of corn tortillas.  This meal is low calorie and high in protein.  The bell peppers add volume and extra nutrition without many more calories.  Give this meal a try.  I'm sure you will enjoy it. It will be a great addition to your weight loss and fat burning diet.

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Anonymous said...

Funny – I had a similar meal today from one of the national chain Mexican restaurants. Although most of the ingredients were fresh, to my surprise my meal totaled 690 cal., 82g of carbs, 21g of fat and 49g of protein – and I was very careful not to get cheese, sauces or sour cream. I am usually very good at making my meals fresh but I was on the go today. I checked to get the nutritional values for my on the go meal. Since I love Mexican food and spices, I’ll make a homemade version of the chicken fajita bowl at home next time. Thanks for the meal tip.

Best – Cincinnati Native

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