Taking a Diet Break, Not Cheating

Some people still refer to days that you don't follow a healthy diet cheat days.  I don't like the term "cheat day" or "cheat meals" because of the negative connotation.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I prefer the term diet break.  After all, you should reward yourself after doing well, and it shouldn't be a negative thing.  Anyway, today I'm taking a diet break.  I've had a really good week as far as eating healthy and sticking to the Fat X diet, so I'm rewarding myself.  I'm heading out to the Laker game in an hour or so and that's when it will start.

If you've been on a healthy diet and have been using the Fat X workout plan, go ahead and take a diet break.  You deserve it and it will actually help you long term.

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Hindleyite said...

Man, you have to have a break from your diet every so often otherwise it'd just kill you. There's always the danger of a 'relapse', though, so I suppose it's a bit of a relief to return 'safely' to your diet.

That's my experience anyway.

Besides, they're called chocolate days... ;)

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