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For last week's Fat Burning, Weight loss, Fitness and Diet Question of the Week, I answered a question regarding dinner.  I also promised that I would post the dinners I had this week. So here they are, beginning Tuesday and ending with last night.

Tuesday my dinner was pre workout so I had this an hour or so before I worked out.   a chicken salad with half a whole grain bagel.  I included the half bagel because it was a pre-workout meal and I felt It would help fuel my workout.

Wednesday I was in a hurry and I had some left over chicken breasts that were already made so I chopped one up and made chicken breast tacos. To add volume and nutrition to the meal I also added some cucumber slices.

Thursday I really didn't feel like making anything for dinner so I went to a nearby Mexican restaurant and had a shrimp cocktail/shrimp soup.  Shrimp has a lot of  protein without a lot of calories.  As you can see in the picture, the cocktail/soup was stacked with chopped up veggies.

Friday was a bit of a treat.  Fish is a really good protein source and it also has the benefit of having good fat.  The fish I had though was actually fried, which isn't the healthiest way to cook it, but it sure tasted good.

Well, I hope this gives you some ideas of how you can add some variety to your diet while still including plenty of nutrition and sticking to the Fat X diet guidelines.

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