Fat Burning Fat X Program Workout Guide and Videos

Fat Burning Workout Video Program
When you download my 12 Day Fat X Program, you get the Workout Manual/Guide and the complete set of videos that make up the specialized fat burning plan. 

The sequence of exercises and rep range is vital for the fat burning 12 Day Fat X  Program (FX 12) to work optimally and the guide has been proven to be a vital resource.  

The Fat X Program Workout Guide/Manual will help you follow the proper exercise order, the most beneficial rep range and the rest periods properly, so that you get the most out of every workout. You can also log in your stats and results in the Fat X Program Workout Guide/Manual as you go through the fat burning workouts.  

Doing so will be important for long term fitness, fat burning and weight loss (fat loss) success.

The FX Workout Guide/Manual is like having a personal trainer/fitness coach right there with you while you exercise. After watching the videos, the Workout Guide/Manual will make the Fat X Program (FX 12) easy to follow in the exact manner it was designed. Download the Fat X Program now and get your fat burning project started! 

The Fat X Workout Manual is included when you download the fat burning Fat X Program.  The download includes 11 fat burning workout videos and the workout manual/guide. You can get it for less than half of a personal training session  $39.99. (limited time only).

Fat Burning Videos

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