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I would like to take some time to thank spark people from for their support and e-mails.  One of the reasons I enjoy being a Fitness Coach is because I truly enjoy helping people reach their fat loss, weight loss and fitness goals.  As a coach, there's nothing better than seeing, hearing, and or reading about success their program has helped achieve.  I've had several people come over from, try the Fat X program and e-mail me their success stories.  I love reading them, and they motivate me to continue posting fat burning, weight loss and fitness tips, tricks and advice on this blog.  Thanks again spark people and everyone else that has e-mailed.  Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

i can't believe i only found your site - it's awesome!

i've been trying to get really fit for the past year or so. last march i got in very good shape by doing the south beach diet (1200 cals) and lifting weights and doing high intensity interval cardio. then i lost focus and gained some fat and weight.

now i'm back at square one and i'm finding it harder than before to lose the weight. i'm going to follow your workout plan but i was curious - how many cals do you think i should be eating a day (i'm 5'4/120/f). also, do you recommend women use protein powder? my ideal is more of a jessica alba or jen anistor thanks!

Fat X said...

I prefer considering the quality of calories over quantity. This is one of the reasons my diet has been so successful. The downside of is that they do focus and put way too much emphasis on calorie counting over quality of calories. Obviously this is for business and marketing purposes and not because it's the best method for those that want to lose fat long term.

If you really want to count calories, a really easy way is to multiply your ideal weight by 11 and adjust from there. But again, quality is the important part. If you follow the Fat X diet, you will get this quality without having to be a part time accountant and counting every single calorie.

Anonymous said...

FatX - I'm a Sparkie (IWin4Life) and actually found out about your website through a post on Spark People. I decided to give my workout videos a break and do your FatX program (excercise and diet). I loved it! Although tough, the workout added a fun element to working out. I like the mix of weight lifting, plyo, aroebic burst and core workout.

Throughout my first cycle of the FatX Challenge - I lost 5 lbs and several inches. I am continuing to change up my workouts but will most definitely look forward to cycling back to the FatX Challenge. I have been spreading the word to my fellow Sparkies about one of my best new sites -

All the best to you and everyone who participates!

Fat X said...

Congrats on losing the 5 lbs, but more importantly congrats on losing the several inches. That's a good sign that you lost weight coming from body fat. Good luck on your future goals and thanks for spreading the word about

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