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Weight Loss Success

What is weight loss success? 

 Before starting a weight loss program, this question should be clearly understood to avoid disappointment.  I've been on several weight loss forums of late, and there seems to be a lot of negativity and disappointment from people who have started a weight loss program and then believe they are failing.  

I believe part of the reason the perception of failure sets in is that weight loss success is not clearly understood.

Most people judge their weight loss success by stepping on a scale and letting the numbers that come up on that scale be the judge of their success. 

In actuality, weight loss success is not just losing weight, but losing fat weight.  Losing fat is what's important.  Unfortunately, you can't step on a regular scale and find out how much body fat you're losing.  

If you want to lose weight, or actually fat weight efficiently, resistance training is of the utmost importance.  Now if you are only weighing yourself to judge progress, you might be disappointed because you could be losing fat weight, but also gaining some lean body tissue (muscle). 

 Obviously the scale won't be able to differentiate.

The answer to this problem is to find other ways to measure your weight loss or actually fat loss success.  I recommend getting your body fat percentage tested, taking measurements around you belly area, and or taking pictures of yourself.  This will give you a more accurate way to judge your weight loss/fat loss success and keep you motivated.  

This one on Amazon gets good reviews.  Check it out.  It might be right for you.

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