Diet Breaks Can Help Long Term Goals

I'm a big advocate of taking a diet break for long term fat loss, weight control and fitness success. If you've read my blog before you already now that a diet break is when you take a day or two off from concentrating on eating a healthy diet and just enjoy yourself.

The important thing to remember when taking a diet break is that you should have some time and experience under your belt in eating properly. This helps when it's time to come off the diet break because you'll be falling back into a routine that you've already established.

This weekend I decided to take a diet break. I went to Las Vegas to support a former client and friend that was participating in the Baker to Vegas run. The Baker to Vegas run is law enforcement event where several law enforcement agencies put a 20 person team together to have a relay race from Baker to Las Vegas.

So anyway, during this trip I decided to take a diet break and just enjoy my time in Las Vegas. This included eating at a buffet, having some drinks, and a lot of fast food. Needless to say, my diet this weekend was definitely not an example of how to eat in a healthy way.

Although I didn't eat in a healthy way, the diet break has definitely done what I was hoping it would do, rejuvenate my motivation to get back to working out and eating healthy. Most people get burned out when going on a diet or trying to eat too healthy for too long. Diet breaks will help you avoid burn out and can actually help boost your metabolism. All the extra food and calories signal your body that it's getting plenty of food and that it can go ahead and burn calories at a faster rate. This boost in your metabolism can do wonders when you get back to your diet.


Sheila-Army Wife said...

Hi, I like your blog. I wrote an article and tracked back to you.
Once I get to our new duty station, I'm going to start your program....well at least
Thanks for the info.

Usagi Tsubasa said...

Hello! I've actually been following your blog for a while but had finally decided to start the Fat x program as of last last sunday (march 8th: 11 days ago) and though I've only gone up to your 6th video, I've seen significant progress up to now, lol.

I took yesterday and today off from the diet to enjoy myself and plan to get back on track tomorrow. Which is why I was relieved and motivated by this post of taking diet breaks, cuz usually I get demotivated and go back to my old unhealthy eating rutine.

So any way, I wanted to thank you for the videos and all the effort you put in keeping us all informed and interested in losing weight. Thanks!! :D

2.8 kg down, 8.2 kg to go XD

Nick said...

Ive been doing your workouts but then I started to get busy during this summer, and unfortunately had to pause my session. I want six pack abs, I plan on doing your workout program to lose some fat, and lower my body fat percentage. Once that is done, I would like to work on my abs. Do you have any exercises to work on abs. Or are you posting any ab videos, for those who want to get visible abs? I as just wondering on what you would be coming up with for abs because that is the number one thing I want.
Thanks a bunch!!

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