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Top 8 Foods You Should Have In Your Diet

Having these foods in your diet will directly and indirectly help you with burning fat (reducing your body fat). These 8 foods are easily available and versatile in their use.  Versatility in food is very important if you plan to burn fat, keep the fat off and weight down long term. Make sure to have these 8 foods available in your kitchen as much as possible so as to include them in your fat burning diet and help your fat burning, weight loss, and fitness goals.

Chicken breasts:  High in protein, low in fat, and versatile in the way you can prepare them and eat.

Broccoli:  Packed with essential vitamins and anti-oxidants.  Easily available and inexpensive.

Salmon:  High in protein and omega-3 fats.  Want to burn fat (lose body fat), eat "good" fat. 

Tomatoes:  High in lycopene and other nutrients.  Can easily be implemented into many dishes.

Celery:  Very low in calories and is actually considered a negative calorie food meaning it takes more calories to digest than it contains.  Makes a good snack with peanut butter.

Natural Peanut Butter:  Good source of fat and can easily be used in many snacks.

Blueberries:  Very high in anti-oxidants.  Can be frozen and used to make a great tasting protein smoothies. Low in calories, high in nutrients!  Great for a fat burning (fat loss) plan!

Lettuce:  Salads are great for fat burning and weight loss (fat loss). Having lettuce around can motivate you to make them more often, plus they add volume to your food.  A good example is a a sandwich.

There are obviously other good fat burning foods you should include in your diet.  This is a quick list of foods to get you started with a healthy, and fat burning benefiting diet. These 8 foods are easily available and can be implemented into your fat burning diet in a variety of ways.  So make sure to have these 8 foods in your diet, burn the fat, lose the weight and get fit fast! 

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