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Fitness and Healthy Living Misconception

I was on the phone with a friend today and we were talking about lunch.  I told her that I had been eating Hot Pockets for lunch lately and she was surprised.  When I asked her why she was surprised she said that she thought I always ate "healthy".  I've gotten this response in the past when I've gone out with friends to eat or have been in a social gathering.  The misconception is that every thing you eat and every time you eat, it has to be a healthy meal in order for a person to be fit, be into fitness or live a healthy lifestyle.

I believe that this misconception is a reason that a lot of people are turned off or unmotivated to start a fitness routine and or a healthy lifestyle. Most peoples diets are so bad, that just a small change, maybe one healthy meal a day to start with would make a big difference.  The same thing goes for exercise.  There are a lot of people that get no exercise at all, so one or two good workouts a week would also make a big difference.

The bottom line is that I hope that people are not turned off by the misconception that you have to exercise every day and or eat "healthy" 100 percent of the time.  If you are new to exercising, are just getting back into it, or don't have much equipment, try doing Fat X Workout video 10 a couple of times a week.  It's probably the most simple workout routine in the the Fat X Fitness program. You can simplify the workout routine even more by using one set of dumbbells instead of using a drop set. You can also try eating close to the Fat X diet guidelines as much as possible.

Once you get used to working out and eating healthier and you really want to boost your fat burning and fitness efforts you can try completing the Fat X Fitness program in 12 days.

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