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Fitness Exercise Fat Burning and Diet Mistakes I've Made

I've been involved in fitness for a long time.  It started as a hobby.  I would exercise to stay in shape and this eventually led into making fitness a career choice.  Along the way I made many mistakes.  Through an eagerness to learn better and more efficient ways of exercising to get the results I wanted, I was able to correct these mistakes.  I can attribute the correction of these mistakes to the success I've had Fitness Coaching and to the success of the Fat X Fitness program.  I thought I would put a list together of some of the mistakes in fitness, exercise, fat burning and diet that I've made so that hopefully it will help you avoid these pit falls and make your efforts more successful. Here are the top three.

Too Much Cardio

I wrote an article pointing out how too much cardio can hurt your fat burning efforts.

Not Organizing Exercises in a Workout Properly

Not organizing exercises properly can make the workout inefficient and less effective in achieving your goals.

Not Keeping Track Of Workouts

This is a mistake that a lot of people make.  How are you supposed to know if you're improving if you don't keep track? You can actually be doing less work in successive workouts. I now keep track of every single one of my workouts as well as each of my clients.  If you need help with this I would recommend downloading the Fat X Workout Guide.

Concentrating Too Much on Quantity of Calories vs Quality

This is actually one of the biggest mistakes most people make. Foods don't just contain calories but they provide other nutrients that benefit your body and some foods have the lack of these nutrients.  Those nutrients can directly and indirectly help in burning off excess fat.

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