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Late Night Snack List For Fat Loss

If you want to lose excess fat weight it's very important that you eat several times a day for at least two reasons. One, eating several times a day keeps your metabolism boosted and burning calories. Secondly, eating several times a day keeps you from getting overly hungry to the point where you just feel that you have to gorge on the first thing you see. The problem with this piece of advise is that some people think that eating several times a day means eating a three course gourmet meal several times a day. They feel they can't do it, it's too much food, or they can't fit in 4-6 meals a day because the last meal would be near bed time and they've heard this is a bad thing.

Meals don't have to be big. Eating as little as an apple and a few nuts can be considered a meal. So you can see how six meals a day wouldn't be too difficult if you think of it that way. Now, back to the point of this post. Here's a list of my favorite night time snacks that will help you get closer to the six meals a day goal without over eating,

keep your metabolism boosted and lose fat weight.

1. Celery and peanut butter.

2. Cucumber slices with a splash of lime/lemon juice with seasoning

3. A mix of fresh berries and a handful of mixed nuts

4. A protein smoothie

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