Secret of the Fat X Exercise Program

The Secret of the Fat X exercise program is less like a secret and more like little known and under utilized concept in fitness.  I've always been open minded when it came to trying exercise methods, concepts and routines.  This open mindedness and unbiased approach gave me the advantage of throwing away things that didn't work, and holding on to things that did, regardless of it's popularity.  Through trial and error I was able to learn a very important concept or secret in fitness and fat loss.

This concept or secret I've learned and implemented in the Fat X exercise program and in each of the workouts is the concept of synergy.  Synergy is what makes the exercises in each of the workouts interact and cooperate with each other in such a way that they produce a combined effect greater than the sum of it parts or their separate effects to produce a highly effective fat burning exercise program.

In putting together the Fat X exercise program not only did I choose high quality effective exercises, but I organized them in an order and intensity level (in respect to one rep max) to work synergistically.  I've constantly been asked about "the secret" to the success of the Fat X exercise program, and again it's not so much a secret as it is this very important and under utilized concept of synergy.  

If you haven't already tried the exercise program, check out the workout videos.  They're all free and if you need a little extra help you can instantly download the The Fat X Workout Guide.  It's only a few bucks and it helps support the blog.