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5 Hour Energy Review Part 2

This week I went to the store and bought a couple of packages of the 5 Hour Energy supplement.  Each package contained two, 2 ounce bottles.  I read the label and it stated that it contained "the same amount of caffeine comparable to a cup of the leading premium coffee".  So there really is not mystery of where the "energy" comes from.  In any case I still wanted to test it and find out if there where any benefits over coffee, energy drinks and if it would be beneficial to take it for weight loss.

I took my first bottle this week in lieu of my morning coffee.  It was easier, I just cracked the little bottle open and drank it all in one shot.  It definitely worked to give me the morning boost that I usually get from coffee, without the trouble of making coffee.  In addition, no coffee breath and I didn't have to worry about carrying and possible carrying it in the car.

I tried it a couple of more times before my workouts.  Again it was quick and easy, compared to when I've sipped on a sugar free Monster or Rocktstar in preparing for a workout.  Although I must say that I actually like having something to sip on for a few minutes instead of just gulping down the 5 hour Energy 2 ounce bottle.  I must say that the 5 Hour Energy did kick in and help me through my workouts.

The biggest problem that I had with 5 Hour Energy is the price.  Each package was about five bucks.  I can get a caffeine fix a lot cheaper than that from the energy drinks or coffee.  With that being said, if you don't like coffee or energy drinks and do want a little energy boost to get you through the day or through a workout, I would definitely look into having some 5 Hour Energy bottles around, especially if you can get them cheaper than $2.50 a bottle.

5 Hour Energy - Berry 24-2oz. Bottles

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