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5 Hour Energy Review

I've seen a few commercials on this product 5 Hour Energy.  It's supposed to give you energy without the crash of energy drinks.  The commercial I recently saw claimed it had less sugar than popular energy drinks like Rockstar and  Monster.  It claims 5 hour Energy is  better than those energy drinks because it has less sugar.  It even shows the amount of tables spoons of sugar that Rockstar and Monster are supposed to contain.  The problem that I have with this commercial is that it doesn't mention that both Rockstar and Monster both have a sugar free version.  I actually like both the diet/sugar free versions of Rockstar and Monster and they contain just enough caffeine to give me a boost whenever I need it.  So the question for me is whether 5 hour Energy really is better for other reasons than just the sugar content.  I will be experimenting with it the next few days and give you my professional opinion.  Check in for Part 2 of the 5 Hour Energy Review.

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