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Bad Diet Days Good Diet Days

We all have those good diet days and bad diet days.  Those good days are filled with plenty of vegetables, protein and other nutritious foods, like berries, fruit and nuts.  The bad ones, well those will vary.  Sometimes they're a bad diet day because you didn't get in enough nutritious food and sometimes they're just bad because of poor food choices, like burgers, hot dogs, soda and other junk food.

The last week I've had more bad diet days than good diet days.  This bad eating trend started last Saturday when I went to the Dodger game.  This day was a bad diet day because of a junk food breakfast and beer at the game.

Sunday followed with another bad breakfast and not eating enough nutritious food throughout the day.  Monday I attended the Dodger game again and my food roundup there consisted of a hot dog, nachos, and beer.  Yikes!!!  Not exactly the dinner of a healthy individual.  The rest of the week was more of the same.  It just seemed like I couldn't get on track as far as eating a healthy diet.

Today is my brothers birthday and I will be going out to dinner soon.  I don't go out to dinner much, so I hate limiting myself when I do go out. This day will not be the end of the bad diet days, but I will eat well and I will force myself to go on a good diet day streak beginning tomorrow! To make sure that I stick to this plan I am committing myself to posting new pictures at the end of the month.

If you're having trouble getting yourself on track, I would definitely suggest taking pictures as a motivational tool.  It always helps me and If you really commit yourself, it will definitely help you.  Now go on and have some good diet days.

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