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Fat Burning, Weight Loss, Diet and Fitness Question of the Week

Every week I answer a question or questions that are sent in to me regarding fat burning, weight loss, diet, fitness and or the Fat X program. Today's question was posted as a comment to another  question of the week post.

Hello, I just had a couple of questions. First let me say that I purchased the workout plan and I am on my third day and loving it. I love a challenge and that's exactly what The Fat X project gives me. First questions is, Is it okay to add a 20 min cardio workout with the fat x project? Second: I have a pretty good healthy diet already, is it okay to stick with what I have? Here is my diet: Breakfast: 1 Slice Whole Wheat bread with cheddar cheese and an egg white, Snack is yogurt and apple, also about an hour after snack I have nature vally peanute butter granola bar. Lunch: Chicken breast with salad and backed plain potatoe. Snack is 1 slice whole wheat bread with peanute butter. Dinner: is about the same as lunch. What do you thinks? Thanks. 


First of all let me thank you for purchasing the workout guide and posting a question.  Now to your questions.  I've always been an advocate of quality versus quantity.  By this I mean, if you have to add 20 minutes of additional cardio to the Fat X workouts, it's telling me you didn't put in 100% into the Fat X workout/workouts.  More doesn't equal better.  As a matter of fact, the extra 20 minutes could cut in to your recovery time and make future workouts less effective because you are too drained from your previous workout.  It can also drain you mentally, causing you to slack off during the Fat X workout/workouts because you know that you still want to do extra cardio.

As far as your diet is concerned, if it's not broke, don't fix it.  I would recommend adding more vegetables though as this should help with adding extra nutrition without extra unwanted calories.

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