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Low Calorie Foods For That Summer Bikini Body

We're a couple of weeks away from Summer and it's time to really get focused in on burning off the fat, losing the weight, and getting ready to wear that bikini or swimsuit.  Here are three foods that are great to add in your diet for summer time.  They're tasty, cool and refreshing. They're very low in calories and as an added plus they're packed with nutrition, especially those very important anti-oxidants.  If you're following the Fat X diet, I consider these three foods as important as vegetables.  So if you're having a hard time getting in all your vegetables, try adding these three foods to your diet to help you burn the fat, lose the weight, get fit and get healthy.

1. Strawberries : One cup of strawberries contains approximately 45 calories.

2. Watermelon: One cup of diced watermelon contains approximately 46 calories.

3.  Cherries :  One cup of cherries contains approximately 78 calories

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