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Fat Burning, Weight Loss, Diet and Fitness Q&A of the Week-Ab Circle Pro

Every week I answer a question or questions that are sent in to me regarding fat burning, weight loss, diet, fitness and or the Fat X program. Today's question was e-mailed in and was about the Ab Circle Pro.

Hello coach,

I was just wondering what your thoughts on the Ab Circle Pro are. Have you read any reviews on it, or have an friends who have this new fat burning invention. I see so many commercials for it, and it tempts me to purchase it. I just want to make sure how effective it is first.

Thanks for your time coach!


The Ab Circle Pro is another device that exercises your abs. That's it! It's not on it's own going to burn fat, make your stomach flat or anything else like that. In the fitness industry there's always a new abs device coming out. The Ab Circle Pro is just the latest re-invention. What these ab devices have in common is that they over promise and under deliver. The commercial states that with just 3 minutes a day you'll firm and flatten your stomach. I know it sounds good, but it takes a lot more than that to really burn fat and get to the point where you can see a flat stomach or six pack abs. It truly does take a complete exercise and diet program to accomplish getting a flat stomach or six pack abs. If that's your goal, luckily you have the Fat X Program to help you. The workout videos are free, and if you need a little extra help you can download the workout guide.

Check out my post on Ab and Infomercials I wrote a while back.

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